The role of loving understanding – Roberto Assagioli

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If we try to discover the causes of the strife and antagonisms which create so much trouble and so much suffering in individuals and in groups, we find that one of the foremost is lack of understanding. Many harmful words and deeds, commonly attributed to wickedness and a desire to injure, are instead primarily due to lack of understanding.

In this e-book Roberto Assagioli shows us the ways and means by which loving understanding can be fostered in each of us.

The effects of such loving understanding are immensely beneficial, understanding is directly creative; like a vivid and warm sunbeam, it fosters growth and expansion in those human lives to which it is directed and which it penetrates with its subtle and powerful influence. It evokes the Higher Self, the Soul.

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  1. Wat een prachtig boek en wat een goede timing om het nu te publiceren! Ik heb het in één adem uitgelezen en ga het zeker nog een paar maal hernemen. Het wijst een heilzame weg in deze toch wel ingewikkelde tijd. Van harte aanbevolen. Toos

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