Psychosynthesis, a formative path to learning – Diederik van Rossum

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There are times when we all wonder what life is all about. Is life about survival, about safety, money, career, family, personal growth, self-actualization, materialism, spirituality or even about whatever it is that lies beyond all these questions? At the heart of Psychosynthesis as a learning or educational method lies the exploration of the human quest that begins with these questions. How do we, and dó we actually learn from the events that life presents us with?

In this e-book Diederik van Rossum reminds you that the answers to your fundamental questions are not quite so far away. The right question however, can be. The search for the right question requires the will to learn but also requires learning to will. In this e-book this human search for the right questions is explored in an imaginative way that guides you from survival to initiation and from initiation to service.

If reading about this journey awakens the longing for the journey itself, embark on the course ‘I’, the Story of the Self that Diederik will be teaching in the Dutch Psychosynthesis Summerschool.

Download this E-book

Diederik van Rossum is a renowned psychosynthesis teacher and clinical psychologist. He is the director of the Dutch Institute of Psychosynthesis. This summer Diederik will teach the course ‘I’ the story of the Self in English during the Dutch Psychosynthesis Summerschool from June 29th until July 3rd 2017.
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  1. Hi Diederik,

    Thanks for remembering me!
    This article came at the right time and the right place to get me in touch again with learning which is greater than personal skills or achievements.
    It is giving me insight, hope and endurance to continue my way of learning.


    1. Hi Jan, glad to read that this e-book arrived at the right time in your life and thank you for your response. It’s always nice to receive some signals about where and how my reflections are received. Your welcome and best regards, Diederik

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